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Flow Improvement Product “UltraNaphtha ®”

FEATURES AND BENEFITS * Increased Oil & Gas Production * Rapid Clean-up * Does not require removal prior to refining * Reduces oil viscosity * Reduces Pumping Fees * Reduces under deposit corrosion * Does not require heating * Prevents redeposition * Provide demulsification in tanks

Product Description: Down Hole Flow Improvement Product

EWO Solutions UltraNaphtha™ series introduces a revolutionary product line that offers solutions to many hydrocarbon, paraffin and asphaltene based problems. The products combine a unique blend of surface-active compounds with several proprietary solubilization chemistries that are derived from an environmental waste stream. Furthermore, the product line is now enhanced by nano surfactants. Due to their size, the nano-engineered reliquification particles drive the proprietary blend of liquefaction chemistries into even the toughest deposits, providing superior dissolving and reliquification capabilities. Now deposits across a vast spectrum, even with minimal flow or agitation, can be addressed. Optimize your process through a Green Initiative!


The EWOS-200 UltraNaphtha™ series of products, when applied batch-wise, is pumped as the leader followed by a flush of oil or water down the annulus, or in the case of gas lift wells, pumping down the tubing. 1-10 gallons of EWOS-200 UltraNaphtha™ per foot of perforation is the recommended ratio for treatment. The most efficient and economical use of product is achieved by a combination of circulation and soaking. Finally, if applicable, demulsification chemistries can be added to provide water separation in tanks as the oil is transferred from the well A continuous feed of EWOS-200 UltraNaphtha™ to prevent deposition of paraffin and other solids in tubing, flow lines, theaters’ and stock tanks should be injected at a point which insures efficient mixing of the product in the produced fluids. One to Five gallons of product per 300 to 500 barrels of crude oil as a suggested ratio. The EWOS-200/300 UltraNaphtha™ series of products consists of five base formulations, each specifically designed for optimum results (Note: It is recommended that samples be provided so that specific formulations/recommendations can be provided). Below is a brief description of each product and its specific application. * Series 100, UltraNaphtha™ : Paraffin Control in Gas and Oil Wells * Series 100, UltraNaphtha™ : Paraffin and Mineral Deposit Control in Gas & Oil Wells * Series 200, UltraNaphtha™ : Asphaltene Control in Gas & Oil Wells * Series 200, UltraNaphtha™ : Asphaltene and Mineral Deposit Control in Gas & Oil Wells. * Series 300, UltraNaphtha™ : Blend was designed for mineral deposit clean-up, including iron sulfide.