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Flow Improvement Product “UltraNaphtha ®”

FEATURES AND BENEFITS * Increased Oil & Gas Production * Does not require removal prior to refining * Reduces oil viscosity * Reduces Pumping Fees * Does not require heating, but heating improves combination of UltraNaphtha® and crudes. * Prevents redeposition * Can increase API

Product Description: Flow Improvement Product

EWO Solutions UltraNaphtha® introduces a revolutionary product line that offers solutions to many hydrocarbon asphaltene based problems. The products combine a unique blend of surface-active compounds with several proprietary solubilization chemistries that are derived from an environmental waste stream. Now deposits across a vast spectrum, even with minimal flow or agitation, can be addressed. Optimize your process with UltraNaphtha®


The UltraNaphtha® series of products are based on testing customers crudes then making recommendations on the proper blend needed to achieve the desired results..