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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Fluidization of Heavy Crudes


UltraNaphtha® is Patent Pending formulation designed to replace conventional diluent blends that use virgin Naphtha or Xylene as a primary crude flow diluent.  This product provides many benefits to the producer for enhanced production of their heavy crudes. 


UltraNaphtha® decreases the amount of diluent required for flow assurance.  The decrease in the volume of diluent used, increases the volume of oil shipped in the pipelines and significantly reduces the overall cost of operations. 

UltraNaphtha® is blended to a percentage of the amount of crude barrels under treatment to improve flow assurance. 



Reduces the Amount of Diluent required by 40% to 60% which reduces the overall Cost.

Oil Delivery is increased.

No Negative Effects on Pipeline Seals or O-ring Materials.

Improved field to refinery solutions for heavy crude.

Lowers operating cost and increases revenue.



UltraNaphtha® is an environmentally friendly product.

Provides a positive Carbon footprint.

UltraNaphtha® is made in the USA under ISO procedures.

UltraNaphtha® is patent pending.