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Acid Solutions – A200 Features

•Acid Alternative – Inorganic derived hydrogen “donor”

•Does not freely dissociate in water

•“Releases” reactable hydrogen in the presence of mineral salts, i.e. calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.

• Non-corrosive and non-fuming

• 100% biodegradable

• Safe on glass, rubber, chrome and paint.

• Safe to handle, transport and use


A200 - Benefits

• Replacement for HCl and superior in many ways.

• A200 can be left for up to a month without damaging casing, packer, pump, pump seals, etc.

• Superior to buffered acid.  Buffered acid is only safe when received, when diluted becomes corrosive.

• Does not precipitate asphaltenes like hydrochloric acid.

• Only affects what you want to remove.

• Environmentally Safer.

• Contains no Reportable Frac Ingredients or any ingredient on EPA’s VOC list, Section 302 or 313.

• Highly Biodegradable & Low Toxicity.